Monthly Optimization Implementation

Your site is leaking money, and it's time to fix it.

You have a stable stream of traffic coming to your your site but you are having a hard time converting them.

What you want is a subject matter expert to come along beside you, and help you quickly answer those questions and come up with an actionable plan to move the needle forward.

How it works

Before the first implementation we need to first come up with a plan to optimize your site. To do this, you first purchase the Leak Finding and Optimization Plan.

Once you receive the report and want to get started with the implementation, every month we do the following:

  • Implement and run one of the tests from the Leak Finding and Optimization Plan above.
  • A report of the results of the implementation
  • A one hour call to review the results, and to obtain the approval for the next change

We will use Basecamp to keep us organized, and to collaborate better.

Success Criteria

As much as reasonably possible, implementations will be A/B tested. Every month I will outline for you the about of change the A/B test resulted in percent increase and if appropriate, the dollar figure that was created this month and in future months. Therefore you can see clearly the ROI of our engagement. It will then be obvious to both of us if continuing make sense or not

Implementation Techniques

I have written the largest collection of e-commerce conversion tactics on the web. It's currently looking for a home for a guest post. These are some of the techniques I would use as a starting place for your site.

104 E-commerce Conversion Techniques

Your involvement

Just as it for the Leak Finding and Optimization Plan, I don't need much effort from the store's marketing director to generate the report. What I need to complete the report is the following:

  • Access to your live Shopify theme theme so we can modify it for augmenting the analytics
  • Added as a collaborator to your Google Analytics
  • Your time to review the report pre-review call
  • An hour for a review of the report

Is there chemistry?

I'm picky about the clients I partner with. If this sounds like you, consider applying below:

  • Your store is currently generating at least $10,000 in gross revenue per month - I need some active traffic begin running experiments against. Furthermore, there has to be a measurable ROI for you for our engagement to make sense.
  • You and your team are crazy busy - We will be coming at you with so many recommendations that your development team probably won't have the time to implement them all. We want to offload this responsibility so your team can focus on what they do best.
  • You understand the value, and are comfortable working with outside experienced consultants - While you might have a killer team, sometimes you need to bring in experts to help you for very specific purposes. You can't do everything yourself, and you like to partner with knowledgeable people to make your business stronger.
  • You appreciate out-of-the-box thinking - Some of my data-driven ideas might seem crazy at first, but let's let the numbers do the talking.
  • You want to move fast - Could you do it yourself? Yes. Would it take you a long time to figure it out? Yes. That's why hiring an expert will get things done quickly, resulting in more revenue compared to having it done internally.
  • You understand it takes time - While we implement things quickly, it is expected that not every implementation will yield massive gains in conversions.


The cost for this engagement will be $2000 USD per month for a minimum of a three month commitment, paid monthly.

Next Step

Ready to Start?

I only accept clients who meet the criteria where I feel a maximum return on your money can be realized. If interested, please apply below:

Not Ready Yet?

Let's figure out how I can help you. Email me or call me (438-880-5389) and let's talk!