Leak Finding and Optimization Plan

Why You're Here

Your site is doing a good job getting visitors to the site but you're not entirely sure how to generate more orders through your site.

You have questions like:

  • How can I get more users to buy from my site?
  • What will give me best bang-for-buck to convert more users?
  • Why are my users leaving my store?
  • How can I keep those users coming back?

What you want is a subject matter expert to come along beside you, and help you quickly answer those questions and come up with an actionable plan to move the needle forward.

Coming fresh into this project, I needed to have a solid situation report to understand which direction I should put my marketing efforts. I immediately thought of Jevin to get his perspective. He provided a thorough report on pages on my site I had no idea was losing so many visitors. I could tell in this implementation plan was heavily informed by the data and results he discovered.Keven Ellison - Marketing Consultant

How I can do this for you

I will do an in depth analysis of your site and come up with a tactical plan to make your site better. Here's how it works:

On day 1:

  • Fix your Google Analytics setup to be sure you are accurately capturing the data we need for the analysis. Most analytics setups we see are broken in one way or another.
  • Install screen recording tools to understand how users are engaging your site

After one week of collecting data with your improved analytics setup:

  • Deep dive into your Google Analytics to find out what is going on with your site.
  • Heuristic analysis of your pages to find out what people are most interested in.
  • Review screen recordings of your users to understand how users interact with your individual pages.
  • A review of how users flow through your site and where they drop off.
  • Complete report outlining the above work completed and the major areas for improvement.
  • A proposed month by month plan of hypotheses for improvement and recommended implementations to test those hypotheses.

Success Criteria

For this engagement, our goal is to deliver a clear and actionable plan that a person with web development and some A/B testing can implement. If you find this is the case, then our engagement is a success.

Sample Report

While every report is completely different, here is a sample report to give you an idea of what one may look like:

Sample Leak Report

Your involvement

We don't need much effort from the store's marketing director to generate the report. What we need to complete the report is the following:

  • Access to your live Shopify theme theme so we can modify it for augmenting the analytics
  • Added as a collaborator to your Google Analytics
  • Your time to review the report pre-review call
  • An hour for a review of the report

If you want to do the implementation of the recommendations yourself, then it can be a significant undertaking of your time.


The cost for this engagement will be $1900 USD paid in advance of the contract. To get started, pay below:

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