How I get high end entrepreneurs on the phone 89% of the time

Through my years of building my business, there are times when things have plateaued or I have simply become stuck, not sure what to do next. For years I would cold email authors or bloggers to try to get 15 minutes of their time to get advice. These requests often fell flat.

About a year ago, I discovered a game changer for me. This time, 89% of the phone calls I've booked through them have happened. Often not just for 15 minutes but for 30, 45 or even an hour long. The advice I've received helped me focus far more than if I hadn't received the call. How I did it?

Clarity is a marketplace of experts (some you would know) who you can request a call with, and talk with them for as long as you like. The catch is that you have to pay their fee per MINUTE. Why is this awesome? If you have a very specific question, just book at 15 minute call and have at it. Need a more exploratory discussion? Book for 30 minutes or more.

Clarity works because it runs on the premise that experts a) love helping others and b) they don't like to waste their time. If you are willing to pay their fee, it means you are serious, your questions have a fixed scope, are prepared, and don't want to waste time. This is the IDEAL case for both parties.

Personally, I have requested 28 calls and 25 have actually happened. Whoa! Compare that to cold-emailing, cold calling or even paid Linkedin InMail! It hasn't been without cost though. Check it out:

For many of us $1,466.86 is not a small amount. If you divide that over the year, that's $122 per month for access to extremely niche, pay-as-you-go, no monthly retainer contract. Looking at it that way, it's a great deal! Still not convinced?

What's the alternative? Sit in your business, stuck, frustrated and not going anywhere for a few weeks or a few months? Would you pay $122 to get unstuck from that roadblock? Yes? That's what I thought.

I recommend giving it a try. There are a ton of really solid people on Clarity for under $2/minute. Consider booking a call with them. Most of us probably have issues with Sales & Lead Generation. Why not start there?

Jevin runs Quickjack Solutions, a boutique software and growth consulting firm. He is quirky and lovable. Sign up for his newsletter below:

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