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When companies come to us, few of them knew the first thing about building a product. In fact, some of their products were stalled for YEARS because they didn't know how to get it started.

Since this was so common, we started offering a service that answered these questions:

Since we starting doing this, it has become standard to do this for all clients before we engage in building any product for them. So far it has worked very well. In fact, it has created so much value to the client that we have regularly charged $4000 to run this service.

Why do I mention the cost? Because it demonstrates that bringing clarity to inherently to difficult problems provides LOTS of value. In this case, it is taking an abstract plan from a non-technical person, and building a very opinionated plan made by a very experienced technical person. That's value.

The truth is there isn't anything magic in what we are doing here. In fact, we think everyone should be doing this when they are thinking about building a product.

So, I've decided to document the entire process and give it away to my subscribers. I enjoy sharing the love.

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Happy Roadmapping!


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