Basecamp email teardown

Basecamp is the ubiquitous web based project management software. I use it along with a massive number of other companies.

I really like Sam Hulick's onboarding teardowns.

In the past few years, organizations have tried different combinations of strategies to engage users and get them using the product in a way that will likely get them to stick around. Here are some I've experienced:

Sam already did one for Basecamp a few years ago. He mainly focused on the on screen experience.

It's unlikely that a user will go through and follow the whole process in the first shot. If you're like me, it's too easy to get distracted and never come back. Email is a great way to reach back to the user and remind them what's left to complete. I wanted to take a look at things from an email perspective.

Let's see how Basecamp does it:

(If it's too small, make it larger in the top right corner)

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