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Basecamp email teardown

Basecamp is the ubiquitous web based project management software. I use it along with a massive number of other companies. I really like Sam Hulick's onboarding teardowns. In the past few years, organizations have tried different combinations of strategies to engage users and get them using the product in a way that will likely get (...)

How lifecycle emails can significantly boost revenue

In the web application, lifecycle emails are all the rage. Some claiming even 10% revenue when done right. What exactly are they and how can they help? If you are building web and mobile apps for clients, consider implementing these for your clients. They will love you for it. First off here are some claims: By sending highly-targeted (...)

Free Giveaway - How to run a roadmapping session

TL;DR Get the Roadmapping HOWTO by signing up to the mailing list at the end of the page When companies come to us, few of them knew the first thing about building a product. In fact, some of their products were stalled for YEARS because they didn't know how to get it started. Since this was so common, we started offering a service (...)

Why talking like a pirate is important to your customers

Years ago, Dave McClure proposed the idea of "Pirate Metrics" as a way to remember the different levels of customer engagement for your product. It's gone on to become one of the standards of measuring how much customers love your product. Quickly, it breaks down like this: Acquisition: users come to the site from various channels

Announcing Increasing Engagement as a Service

As a team, we have been building web and mobile products for clients across all kind of industries. The commonality for almost all products is that post launch, short of an entire rewrite, there is little effort for measurable, incremental changes to the product to increase revenue. For most of my clients, they have no idea the ROI (...)